WUI-PROTECT project (Wildland - Urban Interface Preventive Strategy) is the new system of forest fire defense, designed entirely by the team of forest and industrial engineers and technicians. This project marks a turning point in the capacity of self-defense in many residential areas in forest land (housing, shelters, campsites, recreational areas ...). The first installation, positioned in the fire line area, is provided with a group of some fireplugs with high-pressure hydrant cannons which cover the 100% of the housing perimeter, driving water more than 55 yards away.
As a whole, the fire line area and WUI-PROTECT system create a perimeter protection strip which isolates the housing from the possible forest fire which can affect its surroundings. In other cases, the cannons  are integrated in towers which will be above the vegetation. In order to feed fireplugs and cannons, polyethylene lines of high density (under or above floor) are used, same as the nearest tank of water. Every cannon of the WUI-PROTECT system creates the volume of more than 1.000 litres per minute, which is more than 60.000 litres per cannon per hour.